Our school districts and small businesses that require image level backups of VMs running in their Datacenter accomplish that task using Veeam.  Veeam is the best reasonably priced virtual server backup software on the planet.  (6 socket/3 host/unlimited Guests price is around $3,000 for the product and 2 years of support) It's another one of those programs that just runs without problems.  Every day Joletec staff wake up to an inbox of school districts backup notifications to check and with few exceptions, our inboxes are full of success.  If needed, Veeam can be much more than just a backup solution. Joletec primarily uses Veeam Backup Essentials for backups. 

Contact us to register and get an education discount on your order for schools.  If for some reason you are still running Veritas Backup Exec, I would love to consult with you on migrating to Veeam. It will make your life easier!

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