Microsoft's System Center Configuration Manager is a FREE product school districts get access to when they subscribe to Microsoft EES Licensing.  Setting up a new SCCM server and configuring it for your district's environment can be a tricky task that costs time and money with no guarantee it will work in the end.

Joletec has setup, configured, and now administrates SCCM installations in many school districts.  Since we are focused entirely on K-12 education technology in this respect we have streamlined our installation, configuration, and administrative methods to meet the specific needs of the school districts we manage.

SCCM Project Examples and Features.

  • Imaging (Thin and Thick)

  • Application Deployment and Monitoring

  • Microsoft Windows and Office Updates

  • Managed Microsoft Endpoint Protection

  • Lots of Reporting Options

  • Full List of Features

Having Joletec be your Microsoft SCCM technical support means you can be confident when your next imaging project rolls around or the latest software updates need to be deployed that they will get done quickly and efficiently by experts that work in SCCM every day.

If you are interested and would like to call, email, or chat below for more about SCCM and your district feel free to do so! 

  • Jonathan Joles
  • (989) 529-7511
  • jon@joletec.com (Google Apps)