Joletec primarily uses PRTG in our school districts and small businesses to keep us notified and log when there are outages. (with the free version you get 100 sensors).  It's a good way to get your 9s on servers and networking gear, but really it's so much more.  PRTG is packed full of different kinds of sensors and information it can track on all kinds of networking equipment. Whenever we have the luxury of a budget, we like to buy the product and support to get 500 sensors with the entry level version.  It's a great dashboard to toss up on a big screen TV and have an awesome view of the entire network.

Contact us and see how we are using PRTG to concurrently monitor our school districts from a single room.  If you're a network administrator and have never tried PRTG, you'll love the 100 sensor free version to get started.

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