CrashPlan PROe has filled a critical role in all of our school district and small business's Disaster Recovery plans.  CrashPlan PROe is the enterprise version of the very popular CrashPlan product.  For only $180.00 per year you can install CrashPlan PROe on up to 5 servers to provide file level backup and restore in case of the worst disasters.  With unlimited cloud space, forever file version retention, and rock solid security, you will never loose a user's file because it was outside your backup retention period.  Contact us and see how we are using Crash Plan PROe to compliment our backups, you might just like it for yourself!

  • Jonathan Joles
  • (989) 529-7511




Note: Our smaller schools with only a couple servers use CrashPlan PROe exclusively, however for any school with a vCenter license Zimco recommends Veeam for image level backup protection.